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In other music news, we're still looking for songs to play during the actual wedding as well. We already have at least one, but there's certainly room for more. Here's the Pacific Lutheran Choir performing Eric Whitacre's "A Boy and a Girl" (lyrics here):

And the same composer's "This Marriage" (lyrics here).

Sidenotes: separated at birth? Eric Whitacre (left) and Jesse Spencer, aka Dr. Chase from "House, MD".

Nick's favorite choral piece of all time is Morten Lauridsen's "O magnum mysterium" but it has nothing to do with love or marriage, really. Plus, it's probably too long. Still, it's pretty!

Sacred Harp singing, or shape note singing, is distinctly vintage. Though the original Sacred Harp hymn book dates from the 1840s, the music remained popular through roughly the start of WWII in many parts of the country:

Of course, if we're looking for popular-at-the-time, regal standards, we can do that too. Here's "Jerusalem", the alternate English national anthem (it's played at Cricket matches instead of "God Save the [gender-specific monarch" ...:

... or this piece by Herbert Howells (probably wouldn't pick this, but it gives you a sense of the period style in England):

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