Where to get your dresses

Now I'm not saying that you need to buy a dress special for this particular occasion; all's I'm saying is, if you ever need an adorable, perfectly-made retro-chic dress for a reasonable price, I would highly recommend Jiminie Hayward of My Little Black Dress. The bridesmaids' dresses she did for us just came in the mail today, and they are truly gorgeous. Jiminie does impeccable work and is very open to altering designs and switching things around to fit your needs. 223 positive reviews on Etsy can't be wrong.

Last Names

A quick note, having had a recently married friend who ran into this problem.

Ursula is not taking Nick's last name. Nor are we going to merge our two last names into one. (Ed: nor, may I note in the interests of completeness, is Nick taking Ursula's last name.) Cash gifts sent by cheque should be made out to "Ursula O & Nick B.", but using their current last names.

Note: mostly, this post is an excuse to use the word "cheque" and sound a little pauncy.

Charity Registry Update

For those who wish to make a charitable donation in lieu of gifts, if neither Habitat for Humanity nor the Lambda Legal Foundation are your cup of tea, we've added Doctors Without Borders to our charity registry.

It Don't Make No Money Don't Make No Sense / We're Gonna Invite the Prez-o-Dent

Here's a neat tip for any soon-to-be-newlyweds out there: send an invite to the President! If you do, you'll get a nice card back congratulating you.

Here are instructions on how to invite the President to your wedding. The White House will also respond to a number of other events, including the birth of a child, retirement after working at the same company for thirty years or more, a fiftieth wedding anniversary, etc.

British citizens can invite the Queen of England (but address the letter to the Secretary, not the Queen herself!); members of the Catholic church can invite the Pope; and anyone can invite Oprah. Or Mickey Mouse. Invitations sent to a musician's or actor's fan club can also result in a letter. Who knows, maybe one of them might even show up!

(Here's the song that inspired the title for this post, That Handsome Devil's "Rob the Prez-o-dent":)

"... and family"

Family members this size are also invited, even if the invite forgot to mention it.


We triple-checked our invitations, and while we did several reprints to try to get all the information just right, it appears we may have missed a few things. In particular, some invitations don't have "and family" printed on the invitation. This is a kid-friendly wedding; any and all children living with you are welcome to attend. The reception hall has plenty of space in the restrooms and changing rooms for diaper changing and/or letting the little ones have a quieter moment. If you don't see your child's name when you RSVP, please email us at info@beaudrowen.com so we have a proper seat for everyone.

Please note that at present we are at the limit of our reception hall's seating capacity, so we do not have space to seat your teenage son/daughter/stepson's date.

(cc photo by Flickr user Jon Ovington)