Can't Tell the Players Without a Program

Here are the four brave souls who have agreed to be in Nick's half of the wedding party.

The Best Man: Zach

Nick met Zach through a mutual friend in ... wait for it ... fourth grade. He was having trouble finishing Zelda II: The Adventures of Link. At the time, Nick had more or less memorized the entire game, so he ended up lending him a hand. Since then, Zach has repaid that initial favor in spades. Zach lives in Atlanta, GA with his girlfriend fiancée Sara; he works for a public defender's office in the exurbs.

Donald and Nick were on the same neighborhood swim team starting at age 8. After five years of hiatus from swimming, Nick and Donald reunited when Donald realized he still owed Nick for a candy bar he bought half a decade ago. Donald paid back the debt and promptly routed Nick in a 50-yard breaststroke sprint. The two of them dominated the 13-14 and 15+ age bracket over the coming years. Donald currently resides in London, England, where he is a men's fashion consultant and soon-to-be reservist in the British Army. He responds to "The Donald" as well as "D-Mac".


Jordan and Nick were college roommates in 1999-2000. The worked together on a clever but ultimately futile attempt to reproduce an old Mac game called robowars that would let people program robots to battle in an arena. In the end, these robots rose up against their creators and destroyed mankind. Jordan works in the financial sector in New York City, where he lives with his fiancée Heather.


Jonathan was the next-door neighbor of one of Nick's few non-college friends when he first moved to Seattle. As a fellow Southerner and sports fan, the two of them instantly bonded over the weakness of Pac-10 football, the lack of sweet tea, and other assorted perks of living in the South. To make the long, gray Seattle winters more enjoyable, the two of them took up snowboarding, which led to many hilarious trips in the coming years. Jonathan has since moved back to Palm Beach, FL, where he is now managing his father's jewelry shop.