Paper Micro-Update

If you prefer to hold product in your hand before you buy it—and when it comes to invite material, there's a case to be made—Seattle locals check out The Paper Zone for all your local paper needs. Prices are on par with the cheaper online outlets like paperandmore or envelopemall; some items will be cheaper, while others are more expensive. We think we've taken care of all our paper needs, but I'm sure we'll be proven wrong about two weeks before the wedding.


So, progress. Headline fonts have been selected! Here's a sample of the primary headline font:

And here's the secondary headline font:

No paragraph fonts yet; we haven't had the occasion. But these are some nifty period choices.

Cards and Pockets Discount -- Hemming & Hawing Time!

So, Cards & Pockets is running a 25% off sale. It sounds like they don't run these promos very often. Can we pick colors between now and November 15th?

Update: F that. Envelope Mall has stuff for way cheaper.