About that music stuff

Sure, anthems are great- but what do you dance to? (Please don't say "Ke$ha".) Nick and I have been going back and forth over first dance songs for a while now, but before he even popped the vague question, I was drawing up my own list of possible first dance songs:

Galaxies, Laura Veirs
In The Backseat, The Arcade Fire
The Swimmer, Sleater-Kinney
On The Edge Of, Low
Midnight Radio, Cyndi Lauper OR John Cameron Mitchell
Can't Get You Out Of My Mind, Everything Changed, Gentle, Aqualung
Angels and Angles, Isn't It A Lovely Night, The Decemberists
Middle Cyclone, Neko Case
A Heart Needs A Home, Shawn Colvin & Loudon Wainwright

Once we started planning for reals Nick listened to all of these songs, and said that they made him cry and we could not use them. :| So I looked at what I had, and tried to find a common thread, aside from that they all date me tremendously in terms of my music tastes. I came up with Naked As We Came and Each Coming Night by Iron and Wine.

But now that this is a Recession Wedding, with the '30s theming and venue, we've started wondering if lo-fi indie acoustic is really the way to go. Nick started digging through Ella Fitzgerald tracks; I offered I Didn't Mean A Word I Said because the vibe of that song is consonant with the vibe of our relationship (constant sass-fests), but Nick doesn't like it because it sounds bad (like we are constantly sassing eachother). Nick countered with Dream A Little Dream of Me, which I find a little chintzy. Here, as in every other area of life, we struggle to bring our differing sensibilities to some sort of agreement.

I guess this is where I'll open it up: which of these songs, if any, would you pick? What's your ideal slow dance song? (Please don't say "Ke$ha".)

Edited to add: This post originally credited the poster, Ursula Owen, for considering "Brighter Than Sunshine" by Aqualung as a possible first dance song. That song was, in fact, raised as an option by her fiance, Nicholas Beaudrot. We regret the error.


  1. Okay there is some revisionist history going on up in here.

    After bawling through most of your list, I countered with Brighter than Sunshine.

    And why do you hate Dar Williams?!? She hates you back.

    I dunno, maybe we can find a Ke$ha-Justin Bieber mashup and just go with that.

  2. just sayin... Neko Case is my dreamgirl... I asked her to marry me in Chattanooga... she said, "no, but thanks for asking"...

  3. I'm pretty sure every man who ever attended a Neko Case concert has proposed marriage to her at some point or another. (Happened at the New Pornographers show my dad and I went to in February, e.g.)

  4. Both of your names are listed in full in this post. Cut the shenanigans.