Since we're being political: FUR!!!

There are some circles in which you cannot wear fur any more, or so I hear. Strangely enough, leather is totally fine in these circles. (Maybe we can get into the class and gender reasons behind the War on Fur another time.) That said, I've never understood (1) why leather is okay when fur is not and (2) why vintage fur is just as verboten as new fur. The premise behind protesting new fur makes sense; the more new fur you buy, the more is manufactured, and the more adorable fuzzy animals are tortured / maimed / what-have-you as a result.

Vintage fur, on the other hand, is already dead. It's been dead for a while. No new adorable animals are being killed to manufacture fifty-year-old clothing. So why isn't it okay to wear Grandma's fox stole? Shouldn't we make the most of it, get the most use out of it that we can?

All of this may just be my way of saying, I may wear a vintage fur stole at the reception. I found it at the Capital Hill Value Village, I bought it, it's mine and you can't have it. The end.

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