Here's the latest in ladies' accessories!

Things I'm loving at the moment:

Very sweet and '30s-ish shoes from Harajuku Lovers;

curly feather fascinator from GingerandTonic on Etsy;

and this late '30s day/evening gown pattern from Vogue Patterns. (To be done, obviously, in a gorgeous slate-blue crepe-backed silk.)


  1. I'm rather liking this one too:
    (Plus it's actually cheaper than Vogue would charge. So I bought it.)

  2. Wait, wat? The link to vogue patterns sez $15.00

    They're both pretty fab if you ask me (not that you're asking me :).

  3. wow these shoes are really so beautiful and so cute...............!buy men accessories online

  4. Quite trendy ones i must say,Basically it has to be in fashion women accessories all the way especially when we talk about these things its important for us to bother whats currently in fashion cause that is the industry grows and that does matter a lot.