Have You Hugged Your Unionized Hotel Worker Today?

Working at a hotel is not the most pleasant of jobs. There's an entire chapter of Nickeled and Dimed: on (Not) Getting By in America that details the daily grind of the folks who flip your mattresses, wash your sheets, clean your sinks, and cook your breakfast when you travel. It's a low-wage, high-turnover industry. UNITE-HERE is devoted to making life for these workers just a little bit better. We're going to try to block rooms first with the union hotels in Seattle. Current options:
  • Zero-transfer trip to St. Mark's
    • Downtown Hilton (2 blocks to 49)
    • Westin (3 blocks to 49)
  • One-transfer trip to St. Mark's
    • Doubletree Artic Club Hotel (Bus Tunnel->49)
    • Best Western Loyal Inn (SLU Streetcar->49)
    • Best Western Executive Inn (8->49)
    • Eighth Avenue Inn (8->49)
  • No useful transit trip
    • Edgewater (15->49)

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