Photos trickling in

So we've found out that our professional photos may not be ready for a good two months yet. Fortunately, it appears that some of you have your own lovely photos from the church and reception, and are uploading them to our Flickr group at Please feel free to add your own photos to the pool, or to peruse the ones that other guests have contributed! We hope that these photos, and the photos from our engagement session and Ann Pearl's fabulous brunch, will hold you over.

Now the party's over...

Pictures will be forthcoming as soon as we receive them from the photographer; in the meantime, a few important items:
  1. We did a few things ourselves, but the vast majority of decorating, arranging, and general carrying to-and-fro on the day of the wedding was done by family. We want to take this opportunity to thank Ursula's parents and siblings and all the members of the wedding party for donating so much of their time and effort for set-up and take-down and everything in between. We barely knew what was going on where when, but everything happened amazingly smoothly. We couldn't have dreamed of better help.
  2. Thanks go also to the D.A.R. staff, Pyramid Catering, Kelli's Creations for the cake, D.J. Jeremy Hamel from Sonic Entertainment, and Becky (liturgist) and Rebecca (officiant) at St. Mark's Cathedral.
  3. Finally, thank you to all of you who were able to make it! We're so glad that people came from out of town (let alone across oceans!) to have a good time with us as we (ahem) take this next step in our lives, and hope that all of you enjoyed the day as much as we did.
In conclusion, thank you thank you thank you. Good night and good luck.

Ursula and Nick

Last Dance iPhone snap

It's A Party! And A Wedding! It's ... A Wedding Party!

Hello there! Welcome to, your one-stop shop for information on Nick and Ursula's wedding. We're excited to see everyone on the Big Day! You can RSVP for yourself, your date, and any schoolage (or younger) children right this minute! That way, every time you look at the invite on your fridge, you don't say to yourself "oh, man, I need to remember to send in my RSVP".

Yes, Virginia, the wedding is actually happening.
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