It Don't Make No Money Don't Make No Sense / We're Gonna Invite the Prez-o-Dent

Here's a neat tip for any soon-to-be-newlyweds out there: send an invite to the President! If you do, you'll get a nice card back congratulating you.

Here are instructions on how to invite the President to your wedding. The White House will also respond to a number of other events, including the birth of a child, retirement after working at the same company for thirty years or more, a fiftieth wedding anniversary, etc.

British citizens can invite the Queen of England (but address the letter to the Secretary, not the Queen herself!); members of the Catholic church can invite the Pope; and anyone can invite Oprah. Or Mickey Mouse. Invitations sent to a musician's or actor's fan club can also result in a letter. Who knows, maybe one of them might even show up!

(Here's the song that inspired the title for this post, That Handsome Devil's "Rob the Prez-o-dent":)

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  1. That's really cool! At first I was all, "Aww, I wish I'd known when I got married!" then I remembered that W. was president at the time and then I was all "Ew, nevermind..."