Save The Date!

Hello there! You may be visiting this website because we sent you a save-the-date in the mail. This is your one-stop shop for information on Nick & Ursula's wedding.
  • Out-of-towners can go ahead and make hotel reservations. For air travel there's always Orbitzor Kayak.
  • If you want to get regular updates from our wedding website, you can subscribe to our RSS feed. This link has all updates to the website. If you're not interested in our random musings about wedding planning, DIY updates, etc., this link will only send you the updates with information directly relevant to wedding guests.
  • For wedding junkies, our collection of links under "Useful Wedding Links" (to the right of this post) features lots of wedding resources that are some combination of pretty and amusing. Warning: Regretsy is hilarious, but occasionally Not Safe For Work.
Do you have any questions about the wedding, visiting Seattle, or anything else? Send us email at!

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