What To Wear Around Town

Emily Post would shake her finger at us for telling our guests what to wear, but we've gotten a couple of questions about this, so a few notes on "dress code" and colors. Also, another reminder about the weather for visitors.

The judges from Project Runway will not be taking notes on anyone's outfit

Wedding night attire

Ladies who want to avoid being mistaken for a bridesmaid should stay away from royal or electric blue. However, this is more for your sake than ours; if it looks good, wear it, regardless of color.

As far as how formal/informal to dress, it is (after all) a wedding; vintage attire is encouraged for those so inclined, and cocktail/semi-formal for those who aren't. Of course, this is Seattle, so if guests manage a level of formality exceeding jeans and T-shirts we'll be pleasantly surprised.


Just one last reminder for the Southerners: nighttime here is going to feel cold. Whenever Nick complains about the weather, his dad uses the same Mark Twain quote about how "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco", even though Mark Twain never said that. But it's true—it gets cold at night year-round! The joke here is that summer starts on July 5th. September lows are usually in the low 50s or possibly the mid-40s, plus there will be a little bit of wind. Even during the day, the usual high is 70 degrees and on a cloudy day it might be 60 degrees.

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